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Upcoming SyncroSim workshop at the North American Congress for Conservation Biology 2024

NACCB 2024

ApexRMS is excited to attend this year’s North American Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB), taking place June 23-28th in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We are pleased to be delivering our workshop “Integrating landscape change into ecological forecasting workflows using SyncroSim”. The workshop will introduce participants to SyncroSim, a software platform for building and sharing spatio-temporal stochastic simulation models. In this one-hour workshop, we will illustrate the process of integrating landscape change (ST-Sim) with established ecological models such as habitat suitability (Maxent), habitat connectivity (Circuitscape/Omniscape), and ecosystem carbon (LUCAS/CBM-CFS3). Workshop examples will showcase projections of a diverse set of ecosystem services in landscapes undergoing land use and vegetation change.

Join us this summer at NACCB, a hub for professionals and students alike to share and connect over their latest research and innovations in the field of conservation science. We look forward to connecting and sharing more about SyncroSim’s capabilities with you.