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Wrap-up of SyncroSim BurnP3+ Workshop on fire simulation modeling


ApexRMS recently travelled to Edmonton, Alberta to give a three-day workshop on BurnP3+, a SyncroSim package for simulating landscape-level wildfire burn probability. The workshop was co-organized by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and ApexRMS, the developers of SyncroSim and BurnP3+.

Attendees from across Canada got hands-on experience creating spatially-explicit wildfire simulations for two case study areas – Glacier National Park and Banff National Park – while comparing various fire growth models, management strategies, and climate scenarios. Workshop instructors also delivered presentations on related topics, including:

  • The theory of burn probability modeling, led by Chris Stockdale (NRCan)
  • An overview of the SyncroSim software, led by Leonardo Frid (ApexRMS)
  • A demonstration of how to use rsyncrosim to create and run BurnP3+ models, led by Katie Birchard (ApexRMS)
  • A demonstration of how to use the stsimBurnP3+ SyncroSim package to incorporate succession into wildfire models, led by Leonardo Frid & Katie Birchard (ApexRMS)

ApexRMS is pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback and constructive ideas for improvement received from attendees. Stay tuned for future BurnP3+ and SyncroSim training opportunities next fall.

To find out more about the BurnP3+ package for SyncroSim, visit the package documentation page.