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The latest version of ST-Sim, our new State-and-Transition Simulation Model Framework, is now available for free download.  Some key features include:


  1. Fully integrated spatially explicit simulation capabilities with the ability to include input rasters in GeoTIFF format for initial state classes, strata and ages and the ability to output rasters for these same variables as well as transitions and time since transition.
  2. Spatially explicit initiation and spread of within time step events such as fire.
  3. Ability to load spatially explicit input transition multipliers.
  4. Ability for spatially explicit forcing of transitions for specified timesteps.
  5. Spatial contagion of transitions between timesteps to simulate processes such as the spread of invasive plant species.
  6. Ability to spatially prioritize contiguous patches for transition based on their size.
  7. New SQLite database platform which allows for 64-bit processing and scalability for larger landscapes, longer run times and finer resolutions.

Support for the first version of ST-Sim has come from The Nature Conservancy, the LANDFIRE project, the U.S. Geological Survey LandCarbon Project and Invasive Species Science Center, and Virginia Tech.