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Video tutorials on running spatially explicit models in ST-Sim

By Leonardo Frid | December 20, 2016

We have recently released three new video tutorials on developing spatially explicit state-and-transition simulation models (STSMs) using ST-Sim. These tutorials are based on a simple…

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ST-Sim based study of California land use and water demand featured in Water Deeply

By Leonardo Frid | October 24, 2016

Water Deeply recently featured an article on a USGS and Nature Conservancy study using ST-Sim to account for potential land use impacts on water demand in California.  In…

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ST-Sim used to evaluate bioenergy production effects on wildlife habitat

By Leonardo Frid | August 12, 2016

Two new papers in GCB Bioenergy explore the impacts of bioenergy driven land use change on wildlife habitat in North Carolina using ST-Sim. Costanza et al. 2016…

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New publication explaining the approach used in our ST-Sim software for forecasting landscape change

By Leonardo Frid | July 12, 2016

A description of the state-and-transition simulation model (STSM) methodology used in ST-Sim has just been published in the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution.  The…

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Check out the new website for the Land Use and Carbon Scenario Simulator

By Leonardo Frid | June 10, 2016

The USGS Land Use and Climate Change Team has recently created a new website that describes the Land Use and Carbon Scenario Simulator (LUCAS). ST-Sim is…

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View the online tutorial video on getting started with ST-Sim

By Leonardo Frid | May 27, 2016

Accompanying the release of ST-Sim version 3.0, we have just released a getting started tutorial video. The tutorial guides you through creating, running and viewing…

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ST-Sim Version 3.0 now available for free download

By Leonardo Frid | May 18, 2016

Version 3.0 of ST-Sim, a spatially-explicit State-and-Transition Simulation Model framework, is now available for free download. This version adds a number of important features including: support…

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New publication using ST-Sim considers the impacts of land use on future water demand in California

By Leonardo Frid | May 18, 2016

Authors from the USGS and The Nature Conservancy have recently published an article in Environmental Research Letters that considers the impact of projected land use change on future…

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Book Chapter on Applying State-and-Transition Simulation Models to Exotic Brome-Grasses in the Western US

By Leonardo Frid | February 18, 2016

A recently published book by Gerimino and others includes an informative chapter by Louis Provencher, Leonardo Frid, Christina Czembor and Jeffrey Morisette on applying state-and-transition…

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Webinar: State-Transition Simulation Modelling For Quantifying Rangeland Composition, Structure and Fuelbed Components

By Leonardo Frid | October 27, 2015

This webinar, presented to the Joint Fire Science Program by Dr. Matt Reeves (Rocky Mountain Research Station) and Leonardo Frid (ApexRMS), demonstrates how conceptual state-and-transition…

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