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Introducing the new omniscape SyncroSim package for habitat connectivity modeling

omniscape SyncroSim package
The omniscape SyncroSim package produces maps of flow or movement corridors.

ApexRMS is pleased to announce the release of omniscape SyncroSim, a new open-source SyncroSim package for calculating habitat connectivity across a landscape. Habitat connectivity analyses are important land management tools, capable of identifying areas of value for species movement and access to quality habitat.

With omniscape SyncroSim, users can now run the existing Omniscape connectivity model entirely from within either the built-in SyncroSim Windows user interface, or alternatively by calling omniscape SyncroSim directly from R (using rsyncrosim) or Python (using pysyncrosim). Similar to our existing ST-Connect Package, omniscape SyncroSim also allows users to generate forecasts of habitat connectivity that are responsive to projected changes in vegetation and climate, by leveraging SyncroSim’s infrastructure to link omniscape SyncroSim with our existing landscape change package, ST-Sim.

To learn more about omniscape SyncroSim, visit the package’s documentation page.