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We have just released a new version of our popular course covering state-and-transition simulation modeling of landscape dynamics using ST-Sim. This two-day self-directed online course provides a foundation for developing and running state-and-transition simulation models of landscape change in SyncroSim using the ST-Sim package. The course covers state-and-transition simulation modeling concepts, how to use ST-Sim to create models of landscape change and terrestrial carbon dynamics, and how to run the models and interpret the results. Examples of state-and-transition simulation models in a range of ecosystems are presented, including models of both vegetation dynamics and land use/land cover change. The course is provided as a series of 11 free YouTube videos of the most recent 2-day live online course, divided into an Introductory Part 1 and an Advanced Part 2. Course exercises and data files for Part 1 are available for free. Part 2 exercises and data files can be ordered online.