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Over the last few months, SyncroSim and ST-Sim releases have included major scalability improvements allowing for simulations to run faster for larger and more complex models.  These improvements include:


  • More efficient queuing for multiprocessing jobs such that as soon as a job is complete, the next job in the queue can begin immediately
  • A new raster display API that allows for the rapid rendering of rasters (>100 million cells) in the SyncroSim user interface


  • Efficiency improvements to spatial multiprocessing
  • Efficiency improvements to memory allocation
  • Faster rendering of complex transition pathway diagrams with hundreds of state classes

SyncroSim and ST-Sim users are now able to run landscape simulations for areas encompassing billions of simulation cells in a few hours. Thanks to these improvements, ApexRMS is able to collaborate with the LANDFIRE project to use ST-Sim to update vegetation cover and height estimates for the Conterminous U.S. (CONUS) at 30-meter resolution. To try these scalability improvements, download the latest SyncroSim version (2.2.27) and update your ST-Sim package to the latest version (3.2.28).