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We are very excited to welcome four new members to our team of scientists and software developers: Caroline Tucker is a Quantitative Ecologist and was previously an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina; Valentin Lucet is a Landscape Ecologist and M.Sc. candidate at McGill University; Shreeram Senthivasan is a Systems Ecologist and recent M.Sc. graduate from the Zoology department at the University of British Columbia; and Tabitha Kennedy is a Systems Ecologist and recent B.Sc. Honours graduate from the Environmental Science program at Carleton University.  These four talented individuals will be working collaboratively with the rest of the team at ApexRMS on various projects including: a scenario based forecasting framework for COVID-19; updating landscape vegetation cover estimates for LANDFIRE to inform fire and fuel management in the United States; and the development of new SyncroSim packages for ecosystem services assessment and dynamic landscape connectivity analysis.