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In December 2017, Colin Daniel and others published a study in the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution describing a new approach for integrating continuous stocks and flows into a state-and-transition simulation model (STSM). This is the method behind the Stock-Flow Add-On to the ST-Sim software, which allows users to extend their models developed in ST-Sim to include interactions between continuous state variables and STSMs. For example, a model in ST-Sim can now track forest carbon in any number of continuous carbon pools (i.e., live biomass, deadwood and soil), with fluxes between these carbon pools triggered by wildfire transitions in the STSM.  The paper illustrates the approach by extending the original Hawaii STSM case study in Daniel et al. 2016 to integrated a spatially-explicit carbon budget model with a STSM of land use/land cover change.