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A beta version 4.2 of the Path Landscape Model is now available for free download at Some of the key features added in this version:

  1. An option to write output reports to csv file instead of excel
  2. Multiple types of transition multipliers can be applied for the same scenario
  3. An MCM Import Tool is included for importing MCM files (created using VDDT) into the Path Transition Multiplier Values property
  4. Age ranges can now be specified for the Initial Conditions property and multiple records for the same scenario and state class are allowed
  5. An option to save output to a SQLite database, which has no upper limit on file size.  This feature is particularly valuable for those working with very large output data sets that exceed the 2GB size limit on Access mdb files.
  6. Three new options are available under Preferences to manage memory constraints for very large output data sets:
    • Option to turn off caching for graphs
    • Option to turn off reading zero values for graphs
    • Option to turn off writing zero amount values for output

Support for this latest release has come from the The Nature Conservancy, the LANDFIRE project, the U.S. Forest Service Planning and Analysis Group, and the U.S. Geological Survey LandCarbon Project.

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