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Version 4 of the Path Landscape Model is now available for free download at This latest version marks another major milestone in the development of our landscape modeling software. Some of the key features added in this version:

  1. Path version 4 allows for probabilistic and deterministic transitions between ecological strata, which can be used to represent shifts in vegetation communities over time (e.g. due to climate change)
  2. VDDT is no longer required as the simulation engine, removing several model limitations and providing significantly faster runtimes – for example, models can now run with any number of simulation cells and transition types/groups
  3. Users can now specify the number of simulation cells directly for each model run (rather than indirectly, as done previously using a cell resolution)
  4. Modelling units (e.g. acres vs. hectares) and labels for state class categories (e.g. the terms “Cover Type” and “Structural Stage”) are now fully configurable as part of a project’s definitions
  5. The display of scenario properties has been streamlined, such that those model inputs used most frequently are most easily accessible from the Scenario Editor window
  6. The online documentation at has been fully updated to match the version 4 software


Support for this latest release has come from the The Nature Conservancy, the U.S. Forest Service’s Planning and Analysis Group, and the LANDFIRE project.



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